Amigurumi Care

Amigurumi CareAmigurumi Care

So you’re now the proud owner of a CultGrrrl Creations amigurumi!  Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your little critter and have it last a long long time with proper amigurumi care.


CultGrrrl Creations only uses 100% cotton yarn and stuffs projects with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill (unless otherwise notated).  The yarn and stuffing are extremely durable and can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, using either cold or warm water.  I recommend putting your item in a small wash bag or tied pillow case before placing into the washing machine.  No bleach product may be used as some colors may run.  Even though the cotton yarn used is durable, I would recommend washing only when absolutely necessary.  Cotton yarn does soften after being washed, so your item may lose its shape if washed too often.  Spot cleaning by dabbing with a soft washcloth and cold water on occasion is always advised.


Cotton yarn dries quickly so you can machine dry on a low heat setting (still in wash bag/pillow case).  Again, your item may lose its shape but you can manipulate the stuffing inside to get it back to normal after dried.  It is important that you only do this after the item is fully dried.  As I said before, cotton yarn softens after being washed.

If you prefer to air dry, do not under any circumstances wring out your item!  This will definitely misshapen your amigurumi.  I would lay your item flat on a dry towel then gently roll to soak up any excess water.  Air dry in a well-ventilated area not under direct sunlight (as this may fade colors).

Wear and Tear

While I take care to make sure each of my creations is handcrafted to withstand robust play, normal wear and tear will occur.  With just a little effort, any CultGrrrl Creations amigurumi can be kept just as whimsical as the day it was purchased.