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New Look

CultGrrrl Creations WebsiteAs you can tell, the dot com here got a bit of a facelift yesterday.  I wanted a cleaner look that focused more on my crochet work rather than my silly ramblings haha!  Hopefully this layout is easier to navigate and will help showcase my newer designs and the upcoming markets CultGrrrl Creations will be participating in.

Speaking of, I’ve decided that next year I will scale back on the number of markets per month and will focus on getting inventory to more brick and mortar stores around town (and hopefully in other towns as well).

CultGrrrl Creations will be turning the big FOUR years old on December 30th!  Time flies when you’re having fun :D  I plan on having some sort of celebration in honor our anniversary…I just haven’t decided on what yet.

Until then, we will be participating in only two more markets this year.  More information on these can be found on the Calendar page of the site.  Hopefully we’ll see everyone out and about at these events!

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Markets, Markets, Markets!


I know there have been a lack of updates on the website for the past couple of months.  Things have been super duper busy on the home-front.  Of course there was the start of a new school year for my lil’ man, the family and I moved (and are still living out of boxes eek!), all the while still trying to restock for the busy market season.

This weekend looks to be one my busiest weekends of the whole year…so far!  First off we have the Undead But Not Unloved Art Show at the East End Studio Gallery on Friday.  Next up is the Discovery Green Flea on Saturday.  Then, finally we’ll be set up at the Houston Halloween Fest & Horror Con at Minute Maid Park on Sunday.  More information on these and all other markets we will be participating in are posted at this location.

Once things finally start getting back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is), I should have a few new designs to show!

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Thank You Pearland!


Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Pearland Arts and Crafts On The Pavilion market this past weekend! We had a ton of fun and met some really great people Cheers!

Up next :

  • Friday, October 17 – “Undead But Not Unloved” Group Exhibition @ East End Studio Gallery in Houston, TX – 6pm-9pm [Free]
  • Saturday, October 18 – Discovery Green Flea by Night @ Discovery Green in Houston, TX – 6pm-10pm [Free]
  • Sunday, October 19 – Houston Halloween Fest & Horror Con @ Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX – 12noon – 9pm [$25]

For more information on these and all other upcoming markets, be sure to visit our Calendar page.

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Busy Bee Weekend


I was a little worker bee this past weekend!  I was able to complete quite a few small projects after having to make a small trip out to Corpus to see some family.  Not to mention this was the last summer weekend for the kiddo as school started bright and early this morning.  My little man was quite excited to get back to class and I had to put on a brave face and have him think I was just as excited.  I have to admit, I really like having him around.  He is a lot of fun and has me cracking up laughing on a daily basis so it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment to not having him around the house as much.

Anyhoo…enough of that haha!  Back to the projects at hand.  I was able to work up a small Bat Wreath for Halloween decor that I am so very pleased with!

Larger Bat Wreaths will also be made available in the next couple of days as well ;)

The Cthulhu Mug Cozy will also be making his way back to my inventory.

Cthulhu Mug Cozy

He took a little bit of a cat nap…har har har!

I was also able to work up a larger MegaPod :)  He will be available in all of the EyePod Mini colors, only he is double in size.

Mini EyePod & EyePod Mega

Next up, I will be working up a new Tombstone pillow for more Halloween decor and next week I will be getting started on my Holiday collection.  Phew…just saying that has worn me out HA!


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All Seeing Eye Pyramids – Now Available In Jumbo Size


I was asked a few times if I ever thought of making a few of my designs larger (the main one being the All Seeing Eye Pyramid).  I really wanted to get this design rolling for a few months now and FINALLY got on the good foot and did it.  I’m very very pleased with the outcome on this one!

This picture really doesn’t do the pyramid justice.  I was so excited when I was finished I had to pull out my trusty phone camera and snap a shot for Instagram HA!  I will definitely be getting some better quality shots of this in the next few days so be sure to check back for that soon ;)

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