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New Commissions – Crab / Eyeballs / Hat & Diapee Cover / Drunk Elephant

I’ve got a few new commissions lined up for my next few projects…YAY me! :D  Next on my list is a purple crab, a couple of eye ball hackey sacks, hat / diapee cover, and an elephant.  I’m particularly excited about the elephant but I need to get more details on the look.  I really want to make a drunk pink elephant but we’ll see what happens there (not sure if this is going to be a gift for a kiddo or adult) ^.^

Crabby [WIP]

Btw, I’d like to remind everyone of the 200 Facebook fan celebration I have going on.  Please enter for your chance to win a made to order bloodshot eyeball!  It couldn’t be easier to enter…more details can be found at this location.

I should have new photos to post in the coming days so be on the look out for that!

Until then…

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