Got the bandage off today   My hand is still very weak but the doc says things look good YAY!  He says I need to exercise my hand (which we all know won’t be a problem). I haven’t tried to crochet just yet but will as soon as I have   Read More ...

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I went ahead and had the carpel tunnel syndrome surgery on my right hand yesterday morning.  It went very quickly and smooth.  I’m not in much pain at all and am surprised at how much I can actually do with my left hand.  Other than the huge bandaging and having   Read More ...

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Well here goes…I have a good news, bad news situation here.  I’ve been working really hard on finishing up my current projects so I can start on my new ones.  As I’ve been working, I have noticed my thumb, index, and middle fingers have been going numb and I have   Read More ...

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